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L. Ron Hubbard wrote a welcome letter to the Board of Directors.

1 February 1979

Board of Directors

World Institute of Scientology Enterprises

210 S. Fort Harrison Avenue

Clearwater, FL 35516




Dear Gentlemen,



It is with pleasure that I would like to recognize and fully acknowledge your corporation as a vitally needed, legally constituted organization which will see to the standard and ethical application of the administrative and establishment officer technologies of Dianetics and Scientology. I am extremely pleased with the goals and purposes of WISE.


I have been operating a management consultancy service for many Scientologists with businesses or careers who have requested my services to advise in the pure application of my administrative technology to further advance their success.


These clients, Scientologists, are all prospective WISE members.


Now, with the conception and implementation of WISE, I am experiencing a considerable increase in requests for my consultation services. While I would very much like to service as many as possible, my lines will have to be reorganized to do so.


Therefore, I am temporarily disengaging all current clients from any personal business consultancy while this reorganization occurs, so as to be equitable for all concerned.


Being in full support of the stated aims and directions of WISE, I further will require WISE membership as a prerequisite for clients interested in my management consultancy.


In anticipation of your success, I wish you much prosperity.




L. Ron Hubbard