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The Model of Administrative Know-How Workbook

The Model of Administrative Know-How Workbook


The Model of Admin (Administrative) Know-How workbook shows you how to implement into your business L. Ron Hubbard’s organizational and management principles.


 It covers how to optimize a business for maximum production and profit, how to intelligently delegate workloads, how to create a competent, productive team and how to stamp out inefficiency and waste. This is a perfect tool to create a business plan for your company’s development and growth.


 Doing this workbook, you’ll come to understand exactly why more than 140,000 companies have applied L. Ron Hubbard’s management principles to their businesses.


 You will accomplish the following by completing the steps of this workbook:


Create Your Own Hubbard Organizational Chart


L. Ron Hubbard discovered the exact functions which comprise the universal cycle of production — the steps to create a product or deliver a service. Regardless of the type of business, omitted functions from this cycle can prevent high-quality products from being produced in a large and viable volume. These functions are laid out in an organizational chart known as an organizing board or org board. It is a pattern that can be applied to any organization, from three people to 100,000.


 This organizing board is the first principle you will implement in your company using the Model of Admin Know-How workbook, and by doing so you can dramatically streamline production lines and increase efficiency.


Management by Statistics


The use of statistics is the only way to accurately measure production. Thus, the second action is to assign statistics to every position and function in your activity. Statistics show precisely where production is lacking and indicate which technique one should apply to increase it. With statistics in place, one can analyze any business activity and take the necessary actions to improve it.


Creating a Financially Stable Company


 Next you will implement L. Ron Hubbard’s renowned finance policy, a simple system which puts you on a course to financial independence and which ensures financial stability for your company.


Implementing a Standard Communications System


 L. Ron Hubbard once wrote: “The power of an organization is directly proportional to its speed of particle flow...”


 Thus the next vital action is to establish the Hubbard communications system. This includes a communication station for all employees with exact rules of communication protocol to get your organization humming with production.





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