Lack of quality education and employee training has been identified as the single largest cause of corporate and career failure today.

Countless billions are wasted every month because those starting, running and working in businesses today:

1.  Fail to clarify a clear-cut purpose or "mission statement" for their enterprise - or their career

2.  Are not trained in or expert with strategic planning

3.  Are untrained in the real executive skills of goals achievement and team management

4.  Hire people who lack personnel, ethics and communication skills

5.  Do not study or keep up with current marketing research


 6.  Cannot understand sales management and what customers will buy, and why

7.  Do not know or use the fundamentals of financial control and asset management

8.  Don't know how to predict, plan or organize the operations of the group

9.  Fail to spot (and handle) corporate redundancies, waste and inefficiencies

10.  Are not trained in the fundamentals of public relations and customer care

  In addition to the billions wasted is the priceless cost of dreams lost

"There are right ways to handle a group. This is the single fact which most often escapes people attempting to handle groups.


Also, for every correct solution there can be an infinity of wrong solutions.

                                                                                                   - L. Ron Hubbard


The correct solutions are here

Based on the discovery of the natural laws of management and administration

Now you can benefit In-house training has never been easier - or more eff ective. Train your staff in the Hubbard® Administrative Technology, with the new Hubbard College Press professional development workshops.

This is the only performance excellence program for Employee Training based entirelyon the Hubbard Administrative Technology.


The new Hubbard College professional development workshops set a new standard of training in your company.

 Now available:

      Dynamic Team Building Series

          Goals Achievement Series

              Marketing Mastery Series

                  Organizing for Success Series

                      Increasing Efficiency Series

                        Professional Public Relations



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