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The goal of WISE, the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises, is an ethical, sane and prosperous civilization. Through our work, we are returning to business the values and ethical standards upon which it was founded: honesty, integrity, craftsmanship, rewards for productivity, commitment to the prosperity of entire communities and nations.

We disseminate the administrative works of renowned author and philosopher L. Ron Hubbard to use in organizational, professional and private endeavors. The product of more than three decades of research, piloting and codification, this body of knowledge is the world's most comprehensive system of management and represents the first true technology of management.

WISE is an international membership organization whose members use both L. Ron Hubbard management technology and embrace the responsibilities and ethical standards of WISE membership.

WISE International and its offices cultivate the WISE membership in areas around the world, providing a range of benefits, publications and services to guide members in their use of L. Ron Hubbard management technology. WISE offices license all use of L. Ron Hubbard management technology in the business world.

Membership in WISE is a commitment to improving the quality of life for all in the workplace and society in general. Our two greatest assets are the uniform workability of L. Ron Hubbard's organizational and management principles, and the dedication of our members.

We welcome all who share in our commitment and dedication to a better world.

The benefits and services

The benefits and services of WISE membership are designed to cultivate and increase your understanding and command of LRH’s administrative principles so application is precise and you achieve the results to be attained.

The most effective way to accomplish this understanding is to train on these administrative materials. Thus the biggest benefit of WISE membership is the right to establish a training course room right in your own company, complete with all necessary materials. With an in-house course room one can train on up to 26 different courses (click here for details).

While a person trains on the full breadth of this technology, there is also a variety of benefits which allows one to implement fundamentals and get results right away! These include step-by-step checklists to implement basic Hubbard management technology principles, services to assist you to create courses tailored to your needs and numerous other ways to assist in the dissemination and application of this technology. These are detailed in the pages to follow.


A WISE membership is packed with tools and benefits to help you build a successful, winning company and career.

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