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Целью WISE, Всемирного института саентологических предприятий, является этическая, здравомыслящая и процветающая цивилизация. Благодаря нашей работе мы возвращаем бизнесу те ценности и этические стандарты, на которых он был основан: честность, добросовестность, мастерство, вознаграждение за производительность, приверженность процветанию целых сообществ и наций.

What is WISE?

We disseminate the administrative works of renowned author and philosopher L. Ron Hubbard to use in organizational, professional and private endeavors. The product of more than three decades of research, piloting and codification, this body of knowledge is the world's most comprehensive system of management and represents the first true technology of management.

WISE is an international membership organization whose members use both L. Ron Hubbard management technology and embrace the responsibilities and ethical standards of WISE membership.

WISE International and its offices cultivate the WISE membership in areas around the world, providing a range of benefits, publications and services to guide members in their use of L. Ron Hubbard management technology. WISE offices license all use of L. Ron Hubbard management technology in the business world.

Membership in WISE is a commitment to improving the quality of life for all in the workplace and society in general. Our two greatest assets are the uniform workability of L. Ron Hubbard's organizational and management principles, and the dedication of our members.

We welcome all who share in our commitment and dedication to a better world.

WISE Central Europe Association

Hungary, 1042 BUDAPEST, Jókai utca 2b.

Office Phone: +36-1-6112105
Office Fax: +36-1-6112897
GPS: N 47.561749 E 19.090705
Office E-mail: wise@wise.hu

Imre Tóth president, WISE Central Europe Association Imre Tóth - president

Mobile Phone: +36-70-3303884
Phone: +36-1-7691127
E-mail: president@wise.hu
Skype: wisehun

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