The L. Ron Hubbard Series: The Complete Biographical Encyclopedia

The L. Ron Hubbard Series

Introducing the L. Ron Hubbard Series, The Complete Biographical Encyclopedia: a highly personalized and deeply penetrating 16-volume set, chronicling the extraordinary life of L. Ron Hubbard.

Detailing Mr. Hubbard’s monumental achievements along the myriad of avenues he walked, here is the definitive saga of a life like no other—and all as told through a multitude of archival documents and never previously seen images.

Come to know L. Ron Hubbard—the legend, the legacy, the man—with the most comprehensive account of his life ever assembled.

What’s Inside

  • 16 Volumes
  • 3,653 Pages
  • 1,039 Photographs of and by LRH—220 never before published
  • 265 Personal Letters, Articles, Journal Entries and Essays
  • 488 LRH Artifacts
  • 241 Illustrations, Maps and Diagrams
  • 75 LRH Poems and Songs
  • Complete Glossaries, including Hard-to-Find Terms and Phrases


  • Never Before Seen Photographs
  • Personal Artifacts
  • His Personal Diaries and Journals
  • Articles and Essays
  • Ron’s Letters
  • Indexes and Glossaries

The Epic Saga of a Life Like No Other Told In Sixteen Magnificent Volumes:

  • L. Ron Hubbard: A Profile
  • Humanitarian: Education, Literacy & Civilization
  • Humanitarian: Rehabilitating a Drugged Society
  • Humanitarian: Restoring Honor & Self-Respect
  • Freedom Fighter: Articles & Essays
  • Philosopher & Founder: Rediscovery of The Human Soul
  • Dianetics: Letters & Journals
  • Adventurer/Explorer: Daring Deeds & Unknown Realms
  • Early Years of Adventure: Letters & Journals
  • Writer: The Shaping of Popular Fiction
  • Literary Correspondence: Letters & Journals
  • Music Maker: Composer & Performer
  • Poet/Lyricist: The Aesthetics of Verse
  • Photographer: Writing With Light
  • Horticulture: For a Greener World
  • Master Mariner: At The Helm Across Seven Seas
  • Images of a Lifetime: A Photographic Biography

This stunning photographic chronology presents the intimate story of L. Ron Hubbard’s life through meticulously restored images and detailed anecdotal captions. The newly updated and expanded Images of a Lifetime contains over 500 photographs—many of which are rare and never previously seen.

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