Code of WISE members

  1. I promise to learn and apply L. Ron Hubbard's administrative technology to a standard result.

  2. I promise to avail myself of L. Ron Hubbard's ethics and justice technology and see that it is standardly applied.

  3. I promise to always acknowledge L. Ron Hubbard as the source of the administrative, ethics and justice technologies and ensure others do as well.

  4. I promise to insist upon high-level communication lines and clarity in affinity and reality and know the consequence of not having such conditions and to work continually and effectively to maintain high Affinity, Reality and Communication in the group.

  5. I promise to use the technologies of L. Ron Hubbard to resolve any dispute.

  6. I promise to fully read, understand and abide by all points of the WISE membership agreement.

  7. I promise to take responsibility to protect the trademarks and copyrights of Dianetics, Scientology and WISE, and their use in the business world.

  8. I promise to be ethical and to take responsibility to see that those around me are ethical, in accordance with the high ethical standards set forth in the writings of L. Ron Hubbard.

  9. I promise to take responsibility for the agreements I make with others and to ensure they are true, correct and fully understood by all parties and expressed in writing.

  10. I promise to take responsibility to forward and promote the standard application of L. Ron Hubbard's administrative, ethics and justice technologies.

  11. I promise to protect others from rumor and false reports by not acting upon or forwarding unverified or unsubstantiated data.

  12. I promise to fulfill all financial obligations as agreed.

  13. I promise not to enter into any dealings, financial or otherwise, without fully investigating them and to take full responsibility for those I do enter into.

  14. I promise to always deliver what was promised.

  15. I promise to exchange in abundance as the only condition of exchange.

  16. I promise to uphold the principle that money and support is only derived through the production and delivery of exchangeable products.

  17. I promise to maintain good relations with the public, business community and civil authorities.

  18. I promise to take responsibility to protect Scientology churches from distraction, disruption or misuse of their lines or personnel by commercial activities.

  19. I promise not to use Scientology churches and their communication lines for purposes of personal financial gain.

  20. I promise not to condone the use of Scientology churches and their communication lines to forward the personal financial gain of any individual but to do my part to see that they operate exclusively for the spiritual objectives of the Scientology religion.

  21. I promise to fulfill the purposes of WISE and to take responsibility for improving and expanding the WISE membership.

  22. I promise to set a good example of the workability of L. Ron Hubbard's administrative, ethics and justice technologies.

  23. I promise to take responsibility to bring about a new civilization in which the able can prosper and honest people have rights.

  24. I promise to abide by this code so that I and all WISE members flourish and prosper.

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